Time continues to flow and sweep us downstream with it! Do you wonder what a day looks like at A Renaissance School? Impossible to describe!!! It may begin with a conga line parading through the hall, a few Irish whistles serenading us from the Great Room, a snuggle-up with a interesting new book, a concoction made from the Legos or the marble-roll kit, or adding embellishments to a fancy hand-made hat. We gather together near the fireplace for morning meeting, greet each other in many languages, and share plans and news of the day. The children spill into other areas to work with words (vocabulary and spelling), handwriting (as a useful art form), and writing using powerful vocabulary with framing strategies for organization. We have so much to write about! Reading creeps in on several levels and sparks again in story time during snack. We tackle math with number study and graphing until lunch and then take a well deserved social break. The afternoon is filled with reading, building from plans and interesting materials, exploring systems, music, physical education, sciences and arts. We even built our own raised flower beds! Several children are making the gathered cushion covers for their bucket seats (Where does that thread come out?!) We paint alongside a visiting artist, and fairy houses are once again underway! Here are just a few of the images that flood our days!