Articles by: Liz Ghiz

Theater Studies

2013:  We welcomed Sarah and James, two local actors, helping us with American history content.  Over a couple of months, our scholars worked on political science, taking advantage of the the recent election, working through the system of checks and balances, and learning about the path form our original colonies […]

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May Day 2016

On Monday, we enjoyed five different soups, as is our pajama May Day custom now…  We unveiled three new sculptures, purchases made and displayed to encourage our own artists to examine new media possibilities, along with the idea of sustained attention to layers and embellishments.  One clay sculpture comically sits […]

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Cam and Push Rod

The Cam and Push–Rod Challenge We are using a time period of history as the context for our camand push rod system. Foreground, middleground, and background are back in our vocabulary.  (The middleground is where the action takes place with the movement of the vertical rod.)  The entire set design must be researched for authenticity.  Each of our designer-engineers […]

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