The Cam and PushRod Challenge

We are using a time period of history as the context for our camand push rod system. Foreground, middleground, and background are back in our vocabulary.  (The middleground is where the action takes place with the movement of the vertical rod.)  The entire set design must be researched for authenticity.  Each of our designer-engineers is creating a miniature version of a significant aspect of that era, using notes, and extending the information through further investigation in books and on the internet.  Writing, planning, and technical drawing, as usual, will be part of our process.

Cam and pushrod mechanisms give us another energy transfer system, from rotation to vertical motion.  And the geometric concepts are abundant!  We were able to apply concepts of vertical, horizontal, parallel, centered, friction, straight line (two holes)… and look at the interplay of essential elements (vertical dowel, off-set wheel, platform, shelf, gravity, spacing, framework, horizontal axle) along with qualities (smooth, sturdy, strong, well-crafted, integrated).  From that much information, do you think you could make one!?  After brainstorming the qualities of a successfully completed system (form and function), the group broke up quickly into engineering pairs and the focus was hot!  We are looking forward to sharing the results with you.  We will certainly have plenty to write about!