What Can You Do With A Packing Box?

The logical extension of a fairy house is the collection of dwellings into a village… and the next extension is, of course, the creation of a majestic castle. Children have a marvelous ability to see in the ordinary what we often miss as busily blinded adults. They can remain open and flexible, alert to possibility, imagination, and enterprise. Zach and Thomas had a moment of inspiration as they each, together, reached for a cardboard form, once responsible for keeping electronics safe for shipment, now begging to be re-seen and re-purposed for something much more enchanting. It had bends and folds and cut-outs of interesting placement and shape. The boys answered its plea… That same cardboard frame donned a new life, along with abandoned stones and twigs and a salvaged chain… to begin a new chapter as a beloved and carefully crafted castle, complete with an amazing drawbridge. Please enjoy the photos of its loving creation, its evolution under the watchful eyes, searching minds, and steady hands of two youthful engineers and a few of their friends… Just the beginning (likely to be continued!)