by Celia

Once long ago and far away
On a bright spring day, once in May,
Under a towered castle lay
A child named Ella, born that day,
With blonde hair and blue eyes.
And if you met her you would find
That all that ever crossed her mind
Was to be sweet and to be kind.
Never did Ella cry.

She lived a happy life until
One day her mother caught a chill.
She closed her eyes and made her will.
But no one had a magic pill,
And so her mother died.
Her dad to put an end to pain
Found a new wife who was so vain,
But she could cook and clean up stains.
And so young Ella cried.

And so with her step-mother came
Step-sisters who thought Ella lame.
To tease her was their favorite game…
Cinderella was her new name.
So, Ella cried and cried.
Then came news of a royal ball
Straight to the house from castle wall
But her step-sisters thought they’d stall
Ella, sadly, she cried.

They threw her nice dress to the floor
Cruel step-sisters ran out the door
And left poor Ella with their chores.
But God-mother came to the door
To help and dry her eyes.
She made for her slippers of glass
Grandly she clothed the lovely lass…
A dress much too lovely to pass!
So delighted, she cried.

At the ball the prince found her true.
But when from the ball Ella flew,
On castle steps she left her shoe,
The prince went searching for a clue
Searching under the skies.
When he got to the kingdom’s edge,
He found Ella and her carriage.
The prince took her hand in marriage…
And nevermore to cry.