We are heading into our open house with a trunk full of work to share, performances, and a family viewing of NWCT’s Winnie the Pooh. So much has happened and there is so much to share that this morning, when the children brainstormed all we wanted to be sure to share with our families, it could barely be contained in a one-page checklist! The quality of our lives and learning is soaring. The children continue to amaze us with their observations, natural talents, and insights. And their relationships with each other are inspiring, each contributing so much and each taking a special role in the evolution of this little band of merry folks! It is an incredible community of learners… powerful… encouraged by the most amazing support–our families, the theater staff, people from our past and new acquaintances, fantastic donated materials and supplies to feed our imaginations!!! Many new networks and relationships are blooming. As Will Parnell reminds us… We are here to do something new, dream something that does not exist… so it is only right that we are connecting with new people and ideas that appear as we are open to us. We thought I knew magic–but, this is beyond what we have known before. No more words, just images to enjoy… words and separate albums and stories will come later. Right now they co-mingle and thrive outside words!