The purpose of exploratory classes is not to create experts, but to open doors, to work alongside experts and generalists who have a life passion.  Some children sign up for the same classes over and over, fascinated by a study or methodology, while the case studies and materials may be different each time.  Or they find joy in the repetition and build confidence as they grow and look differently at things in each new stage of engagement.  In some cases, children go on to deepen their expertise in an advanced class, through a performance group opportunity, by becoming an exploratory assistant, or by participating in private lessons and classes through specialized organizations.  In any case, children are invited to dip in and enjoy new ways of thinking and novel mediums, enthusiastically sharing the ride with colleagues.

A sampling from one term schedule:

Electronic Engineering
Living History
Advanced Electronics
Irish Step Dancing
Exploratory Marimbas
Forensic Science
Sign Language
Light and Sight
Morris-Contra Dancing
Knitting Circle
Theatrical ReadingSpectacular
Headdress design
World Languages

Mid-day and Extended Day Performance Groups

Tinikling Performance

Raven’s Magic Marimba Performance

Hip-Hop Performance

Irish Step Performance Dancing
Raven’s Magic Morris-Contra
Raven’s Magic English Country Performance Dance
Poi Performance

Ballroom Performance

Experiential Days