We were visited by Rachel and Jim. Rachel is the artist who created the fairy house that inspired us earlier in the year. Their attention to our thinking, craftsmanship, and design ideas, and their enthusiasm for our writing and drawing, was uplifting! They stayed to talk with us–and delivered a fairy house–for quite some time. During their visit, something magical happened. As the children talked about the recent developments of the houses, plans for future housing projects and the development of wee furniture began to sprout. Ideas expanded… Possibilities exploded… We could hardly contain our enthusiasm until studio time! A packing box (from electronic gadgetry) became the base for a fashionable castle under the direction of Zack and Thomas. To the base they added interesting materials, a full wall-to-wall moss carpet, rockery, spreading tree roof, bark wall, and a gate. They even made a swinging gate in a fence line, drawbridge, and operable winch! Meanwhile, Johnson and Caleb began a highrise, Eliza installed her first set of lights in her own fairy house, and Zuzu and Abby each began a new structure. It was amazing to see the children hunt though the box of batteries, wires, and lights and whip up a circuit with a controlling switch– no problem! They continued to prototype, draw plans, and write out their explanations, proudly showing anyone who passes the next accomplishment. The “Ren Way.”