first-bucket-3Our first outing with buckets in tow! The tub totes (re-purposed from former lives as five gallon paint buckets) were loaded with pencils, erasers, water bottles, paper, and clipboards. We donned the hand-crocheted hats made especially for each one of us (by Grandma Charlie). Coats on… and out the door to sketch the beautiful Victorian “painted lady” houses on NW Glisan Street. The air was crisp and the leaves floated past us as we walked by the coffee shop, “yummed” at the roasting bean scent, and checked out our rather giddy appearances in the large plate glass windows. We rounded the corner, quickly found our spots, and promptly set to work. Lexi and Lux captured some lovely phrases from the images and sounds of the morning and created poems to fit the mood. Caleb announced that he was using “overlapping” and Zack was concentrating on “angles.” Johnson thought “perspective” was an important word and Caleb spotted “reflection” in the mirror-twinned houses. Lux began with the “big shapes,” and “proportion” came into play with the use of thumbs and pencil-ends as sighting instruments. The language of concepts developing in studio work was spontaneously offered! The results were stunning and drew admiration from passers-by. We are ready to take our “whisper line” drawings and make some very confident bold line renderings for print-making!