Always Needed:  Embellishments: papers, small gift boxes, fabric, ribbons, rick-rack and edgings/laces, yarn, spools, cylinders, picture frames and wood end-cuts…. You know!!!  (Please do not send styrofoam.)

Lost and Found: There is a lost and found collection in the cloakroom.  Please check it periodically.  Prior to major breaks we will put left-back items out for claiming.  All left items will be sent to Goodwill during the breaks (winter, spring, summer).

School Accreditation

A Renaissance School is fully accredited through Western Association of Schools and Colleges.  The school underwent a full review in the fall of 2015.  Accreditation visits provide opportunities for faculty to reflect on the vision, structure, and pedagogical practices of the school.  During the visit, the faculty and community receive valuable feedback from outside educators, and the team and faculty set goals for further focus and development.  A Renaissance School of Arts & Sciences exceeded the accreditation guidelines, receiving commendations and an extension of accreditation for six years.