A word about the structure:

The board is made up of the original founders of the school.  The school is based on a dream that was never intended to become a “business.”  Our school has been a labor of love and personal passion and investment.  While it will grow and develop over time through the influences of those who inhabit and nourish it, its core structure and pedagogy will essentially remain connected to its origins.  Over all we are informal and flexible in our relationships, as we create a “family” and work to serve each child with sincere attention to the uniqueness of each.  As we increase in size, our processes will become more systematic as needed, but the attention to detail and the personal circle of support for each child will remain hallmarks of our work.

Our advisory board is made up of people with strong commitment to the dream, people who have the skills and expertise to serve the school as we grow.  The advisors are invited by the directors to join that group of stewards.  We will continue to add to our advisory group as the needs of the school shift.  The role of an advisor is to offer to the Board questions, information, and ideas through the lens of their expertise.  The role of the board is to listen and make the final decision in alignment with the vision.

As a “family” we do not have lengthy contracts and requirements for participation.

As a “culture,” we recognize that we each come from different experiences and expectations, and that we each have different ways of communicating.  In order to establish a culture that best supports our school, we ask all adults to commit to a code of decorum and dignity, the very responsibilities we ask of our children, to support the vitality of our community. As adults, we are creating with each other the very world we dream for our children.

As participants in A Renaissance world, it becomes our obligation to take care of this gem that we have, to make sure it is unspoiled… This is a unique opportunity in the realm of schooling.  Each of our families comes to us seeking and finding something different, yet the same…something special for their child.  In order to maintain that “magic” for the entire community, we believe that as adults —staff, parents, visitors, volunteers, community partners—, we…

  • ask questions and offer ideas.  They are our life-blood. Questions engage conversation and ideas help us expand our horizons.
  • talk directly to the people who are best placed to help with information or make decisions.  We avoid background chatter that diminishes the community and dissolves confidence in each other.
  • resolve issues with respect, open ears, “soft eyes,” a willingness to learn, the inclusion of “and,” and the understanding that the school has strong core guiding principles and a pedagogical foundation.
  • we create an ethos where each child is honored and the collective is valued.
  • we work toward the development of common-ground.  We are pleased to serve families in their quest for educational excellence. We honor beginnings and endings. We will always work with the child’s welfare as the focus. If there should be a parting, regardless of the reason, please be assured that we will strive to make the process one of dignity and confidentiality, and the transition smooth for each child.

We have grown quickly, from a mere twinkle to a tangible jewel. Please do not hesitate to ask us questions… even the hard questions. And share with us your delight and musings for the future.  We all thrive when we hear encouragement and applause.  We are approachable and eager to know our “family.”