Forms:  Please make sure that all contact and health information is up to date in the office.  This is our life-line to you in case of an emergency, as well as for the general well-being of your child.  This includes emails, phone numbers, authorized pick-ups, addresses, and medications/health issues/immunizations information.  For medication, you must fill out a form and bring in the medication to be kept at the front desk.  We will need the original packaging, instructions (timing and dosages), and authorizing paperwork.  Please do not send medication of any kind to school with a child.  We do not dispense any sort of medication or topical treatments (other than ice and bandages) without written approval.

Immunizations:   Please continue to update information as available throughout the year.

Pesky head critters:  Those little head lice!  If you suspect head lice, please let us know!  We have a no-nit policy so children who play host to the little bugs must be nit-free before coming back to school.

If your child has head lice, it will mean a bit of “homework.”  Please assume that your child’s clothing and bedding will need to be washed with hot water and or put in a plastic bag along with stuff toys and set aside for a couple of weeks.  Vacuuming is important.  Frequent head checks are crucial.  These can be done at home.  There are many sites that offer “recipes” for treatments.  Preventatively, if your child has long hair, please consider an up-do for school time!