When we finish tempera painting, we make painted papers, and lots of them! We don’t like to waste anything! After all, we may be able to re-purpose materials and give them an opportunity for a new life! Add that to pop-up technology that intrigues us when we look at some of our precious books. Stir in exploration of the color wheel, primary and secondary colors, mixing paints to make tints, shades, and complimentary colors. Then blend in understanding about the water cycle and its importance to life. Voila! We have pop-up books with dragons, torn and painted paper multi-level pop-ups with diagrams to illustrate the water cycle, a massive torn and painted paper poster of the essential elements and vocabulary of the water cycle, and lovely landscapes painted with only one brush to create interesting colors and form the background for more water cycle diagrams! Many opportunities to explore technology and artistic technique… many opportunities to revisit and express science concepts!