The notion was dared whispered and grew into a shout and laughter, trepidation, and reality over a mere few months. The earliest fires of life were fanned over coffee at Carlino’s in Fairview.

With the unwavering help of our Guardian Angel/Midwife Judy (from Northwest Children’s Theater) we got our own “bus”! It was time to chart our own journey and roll! (Judy’s support and expertise were godsends beyond imagination!)

The evening we met the NWCT board, as potential tenants, we knew we were on the right path–that of creating our own destiny, our own “blame,” our own success! Childhood and its energy, passions, and place in our human development is worth preserving. We could enfold that AND assure high quality learning!

Our early days were filled with nervous giggles, wondering, juxtaposed ideas, and hope. Courage washed over us each differently, with tidal timing that allowed us to stay afloat, as long as we had each other! Beginning a dream that is the unspoken wish of many educators… we flung our vision into the sky, it became a star, and we are guided by it. Dare! Conversations and questions unearthed potential partnerships and new ideas. Oh, the possibilities… and the well-wishers multiplied!

Moving day! (Well the main one…!) Trucks and cars… from garages and storage units to the school we paraded! (The actual move took weeks!!!) Flying truck tarps and carefully packed boxes bouncing in back seats… with a few tottering odds and ends tossed on top…

Where once there was a thought, then a domain name, then a template, and finally a site address… Will made magic and put the pieces all together! On June 6th at 7:30 pm, our website was born! She came into the world joyously, breaking onto the scene with color, personality, and promise! “Thank you, Will!” could never capture the scale of our gratitude.

World Cup Coffee Shop became an early favorite, doubling as respite and office!! We enjoyed exploring our NW neighborhood! Our mainstay at Kinko’s welcomed us often and became The Master Mechanic and Primary Printer!

Friends came to join us as we passed through the “knot hole” to a whole new world. They wished us well and some sent their little stars to join us! “New house” syndrome found us humming as we worked…clean, clean, clean… and prepared for paint, adding color to lighten and soften the main learning space. (It was once orange!) Thank you to our paint-pals, Marianne, Julie, and Barb, friends from Beaverton-days. Philip got the high spots and Alan adopted two pillars for refurbishing. Michaela added sparkle. Each detail made such a difference!

Always surrounding ourselves in beauty… color, texture, and growth! Summer flowers, beautifully sunny faces from one garden to another… Bouquets as metaphor… many blossoms, layers, shapes, and hues…. no idea too large, no detail too small.

A display that honored the past signaled a future. Our website captured many stories of the children’s thinking, our own learning, and an unfolding curriculum that weaves together academics, leadership, service, and civic participation. Plenty of intriguing puzzles and mechanical toys to delight playful, inquiring minds! Just how DOES that work?

A gnome humbly posted himself above the main door to guard the entry… Another “Dreamkeeper” assigned to his duties! New fairy woods furniture to add a touch of magic and a place to sit, contemplate, observe, read, chat… “Please come and sit.” We love company! And the old tree chair, having made yet another journey, found a space to grace again….