narnia-8On December 18, 2009, the school families and partners gathered to celebrate our first trimester of living and learning together. We filled the NWCT’s Board Room as children escorted their guests and sat around the long banquet table. We munched on sweets and drank tea, chattering and opening gifts that the children had created the last weeks of the term… fused glass pendants, pins, and magnets; darling three-dimensional houses that emerged from our local architecture study and now hold flickering candles; photo frames that gave meaning to hue, tint, shade, and tone; and of course, the gift of the performance, the preparation of which spanned the breadth of our days. The backdrop was a cloth, fused appliqué the children made with individual characters displayed as a banner. The children prepared and read pieces of poetry and prose. Their poise we evident as they introduced each other (“And now, for a very fine poet, my friend, Lux”) and thanked each other for the introduction (“Thank you, Johnson.”) We laughed and smile, and “ahh”-ed, and even teared up with pride. When the fireplace presentation ended, we collected ourselves in the main hall for a demonstration of English Country dancing. Jackson announced both dances in a masterful voice and expression … “Freeford Gardens!” and “Mulberry Garden!” The children were exquisite in their execution. Their rhythm was precise and each “round” of the dance pattern flowed into the repeat! They were adorned as princesses and “bears,” in fancy dresses, furs, and hats donated by the NWCT. Back to banquet hall for photo ops, a few more cookies, a candy cane, and winter journal book… to savor a special moment in our lives together, a few more cuddles and twinkles of accomplishment. Sally and Susan couldn’t have beamed any brighter with pride and love. We were blessed to be on a wondrous journey with fine friends. What a spectacular close to our first trimester together! Photos document the preparations and the event… from writing drafts at the local coffee shop on the morning the heat went out at the school, to making the tapestry, to writing invitations and dressing for the occasion!