A New Beginning… a new year in a new place        2010

What an exciting adventure! From finding to inhabiting our new location, our own building, we are learning so much and it is all about learning! As Sally says, we are like water, we fill the space we are given, taking on interesting shapes and using every inch we are able to find or create. And what fun… to live and learn in a historic building, once Rose’s Bakery and then the Culinary Institute! After a three-year vacancy, the old building seems delighted to have new life and color, and we are reciprocally thrilled to have such a lovely space in which imagination is welcome and required! 5,000 square feet! We have so many possibilities, including our new front appearance, our play space, and our garden area. We are thankful for the generous support of Gerry and Donna, Debbie, and Brad. They are the link between our dreams and this wonder-filled space. We appreciate the support of our families and friends, Cornell farms, Employees of Umpqua Bank, and Miller Paint. So many things continue to appear from our wish-lists! Magic is already amongst us. Our squirrel seems to have followed from the theater, our last abode. The creatures that once squeezed through our “Narnia” door there disappeared from that space. We caught two who now giggle under glass as they watch us during the day. And one little gnome was caught on surveillance camera trying to coax others through the screened holes in the back cement wall, on the Great Move. We have heard rumblings in the pipes over the math-science-engineering space, and we were sent two more dragons to watch over us (gifts from the White Dragon). Perhaps you will join us to savor the space, enjoy the stories of the creatures, share the vision, and simply see what we have created together… certainly more than any one of us could realize on our own. Please enjoy the photo essay and watch us grow throughout the years!

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