A Dream

Embracing childhood, transforming learning.
Leadership & civic engagement for a lifetime.

philosophy-6Imagine a school where questions lead learning, where wondering is a habit of mind, where children engage the city and their studies as full participants.Imagine an environment where musing is an esteemed occupation and skills are developed to venture beyond “here”, where great ideas become real.

Imagine an education that values childhood and its wisdom, sensitivity, and vitality.

Imagine learning what makes dreams possible.
Imagine a life built on a foundation of engagement that creates a love of knowing, and a knowing that allows us to stand on the edge of each day, assured there will be more.

philosophy-5At A Renaissance School, arts, design, engineering and the sciences are lively, natural contexts for the introduction, development and application of skills. Multi-layer projects unfold with collaboration and adult guidance as each child develops confidence and competence as a learner. As community members, children are empowered to find their voices and contribute their signatures through service, leadership, and civic engagement, shaping unique questions and interpretations of their expanding world.




philosophy-4Form and function, design process, collaboration, balance of critical and creative thought. Analytic studies
Math computation, conceptualization, application, problem-solving, physics, life science, earth science, social sciences and logic. Technical reading and writing Expository texts and graphics organizers.

Expressive literacy and reflective documentation

Genres of image-generation, exhibition and publication, journals and nontraditional evidence of thinking and learning.



philosophy-3Fine arts, performing arts, performance, appreciation, history, medium exploration and personal expression.

Integrated Communication

Reading, writing, speaking, listening, context and appreciation.

Inquiry And Research

Stewardship, service, connoisseurship and contribution.

Design Technology

Tools, materials, systems and conceptual application / realization.