The Renaissance Experience

An Introductory Overview


We look forward to creating a strong partnership with our families. Parents are a child’s first teachers and we respect the powerful position a parent holds, instilling early lessons and values through example and nurturing response. We have a great deal we can learn by listening to parents retell the story of their child’s early history, current development, and goals. As a child’s world of influence expands, families continue to help sharpen and shape their child’s learning through continued support and encouragement. Together — child, parents, and faculty — we shape academic and social-emotional development, forming the structures that support each child reaching the highest potential. We use multiple measures to assess and assure ourselves of competence. The journey is the reward. Possibility and potential are the signposts. Our destination is success –competence, confidence, and contribution. Please contact us at anytime to share what you observe and how we might engage as powerful partners in this journey – your child’s education.