by Abby

Two small children who loved to play
In the bright warm sun they would lay,
But sometime in the early May,
On an unordinary day,
They went into the wood.
Far away where oaks were growing
By a rushing river flowing
Is where the children were going
Where a candy house stood.

They found they were lost late that night,
Clinging to each other in fright,
Until they saw the house of light
Which was such an amazing sight
In the dark, scary wood.
The house was like a candy shop
Made of lots of yummy gumdrops
And by the door were lollipops
The house tasted so good.

The door tastes sweet, Hans closed his eyes,
Gert ate the roof, both were surprised
As the witch scolded for their lies
It mattered not, their simp’ring cries…
The middle of the wood.
She grabbed them both with her strong hands
And she thought they would taste so grand!
So she took them onto her land,
They were to taste so good.

The candy house, they were pushed in
For the witch was about to sin.
Face broke into an ugly grin,
She danced, around her broom she’d spin…
The middle of the wood.
Then she threw them into a cage
Where they smelled the scent of sage
The witch turned a recipe page…
Where the candy house stood.

The mean witch started drinking tea
They decided to try to flee,
But couldn’t find the right cage key
For it was hard for them to see,
In front of them she stood.
They pushed the old witch so she fell,
The gruesome hag plopped in the well.
The candy house they were to sell.
In the dark scary wood.