Arrival time:  We have a “soft” drop-off time.  Children are welcome to arrive between 7:30 and 8:00 am.  All children are expected to arrive by 8:00 am.   Arriving by 8:00 allows children time to settle in… taking care of foot coverings, checking in with friends, and getting ready for learning in a smooth and gentle way that sets the tone for the day.  We begin our morning meeting at 8:15.  During that crucial community time, children greet the day, share ideas, set expectations, hear special plans, and are introduced to the evolving support community in our school environment.  Timely arrival also promotes good life-habits and demonstrates respect for our scholars’ efforts.

Pick-up:  Please pick up children by 4:10 pm, Monday through Thursday, and by 2:40 pm on Fridays.  We understand that there are times when emergencies arise… please just call and let us know if we need to make special after-school plans for your child.

We provide an after-school child-minding option.  If you need to share rides of after-school care, or can provide transportation or in-home care, please alert us and you will be added to a list you may check to contact other families with similar needs and offerings.  It will be available at the front desk.

Attendance:  ALL days have importance. Each day is FULL!  Please do not ask if your child will “miss something” if they are absent! They will!!!

Please DO email teachers in the event of an absence, either pre-arranged or a last-minute illness.

Exploratory Classes:  Exploratory classes, are based on children’s interest areas, multi-aged, changing each trimester.  It is an opportunity to follow or create a personal interest and new relationships, often enhancing or building on learning earlier in the day.  An exciting part of their education, these experiences are aimed at personalizing education and opening doors to worlds unknown.   We hire amazing specialists who share their passion and expertise… likewise; we expect the highest behavior standards of our children in those settings with “outside” professionals.

Logistics: Registration is available through the school and classes change each trimester, requiring a new exploratory sign-up each term.  Please fill out the request form with your child to best reflect your joint interest and commitment. We expect that each child is committed to the assigned exploratory class and the family is committed to the timing.  This is considered part of the instructional day for children: 3:00-4:00 pmchoices, Monday through Thursday, and choices from 1:30-2:30 pm on Fridays.  Please do not pick up your child early on exploratory days.  It disrupts instruction and group work.

We do understand that some children have obligations to sports, music, and performance outside the school and they will be picked up at 3:00.  If your child should have early pick-up, we will ask them to wait quietly in the front hall for a 3:00 pm pick-up.  The school will still be in session.

Please do not make personal exploratory requests outside the form submission process.  Changes are made through a school process, only after good positive participation (“Give it a go!”).  Children who are assigned “studio time” are expected to engage in purposeful studio work, with focus, responsibility, and intention.

Please note: (There will be no special electives the first three days of school in September, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.)  To soften the transition from summer schedules to school hours the first week, you are welcome to pick up your child(ren) at 3:00.

Family Travel:  Our extended year calendar supports family travel plans during traditional as well as non-peak seasons.  Travel is a wonderful way to learn!  It is a fine time to create shared family memories and stories, to calculate mileage and expenses, to use maps and collect and read brochures.  It may offer opportunities to learn a few new words in another language, find a new book, or scour a shop for a precious souvenir.  We enjoy the stories, journals, and scrapbooks that often result.

World Languages: Children who are 11 years old at the beginning of the school year participate in a world language sequence during the content portion of the day.  Younger children, and elders who want to learn another world language, select from the offerings in the exploratory class list.