by Sophia

In a land very far away
Where one’s youth will most surely stay,
Over the hills and the bay
It sits above the town of May,
Castle of Tir na nOg.
Seventh year, they hold a grand run,
A race that requires greatest cun,
To see who is the worthy one,
To find King Tir na nOg.

The current king who ruled them all,
He feared the day that he would fall,
So, the wise wizard he would call,
“Your son-in-law will make you fall,”
said the Wizard of nOg.
And in order to keep his rule
He stole the wizard’s magic tool
Then committed a crime quite cruel,
The king of Tir na nOg.

That night at the king’s banquet feast
He turned cold-heart’d, to say the least,
His daughter’s beauty was to cease
As he changed her head to a beast’s…
Head of the ugly hog.
To get her head back she’d to flee.
The great lord Fionn had sons of three
One of them she has to marry…
To lose the head of hog.

Soon a handsome man she would meet,
She fed him on good corn and wheat.
He asked, as they began to eat,
“Why on your head you wear a sheet?”
She told him of the hog.
He saw her heart was true and kind,
That her beauty was in her mind.
“A son of Fionn I’ll help you find
To lose the head of hog.”

“I’m Son of Fionn, it could be me.
If marriage with you is the key,
I would gladly marry thee.”
So Son of Fionn proposed to she
To lose the head of hog.
The wedding was a grand affair,
She kept her veil in place with care,
Her horrid face she would not share
Until she lost the hog.

She walked the aisle to take his hand,
The guests were from every far land,
A beautiful song played the band,
Beside each other they would stand.
He knelt before the hog.
The hog’s head was lost with one kiss.
That horrid head she would not miss!
The wedding day was filled with bliss.
They left to Tir na nOg.