The children dived into creating marble rolls. They began with simple designs as our young engineers tried a number of singular ideas. Within days the structures became more complex, crossing over and integrating groups of children, materials, and story lines. The expectations and descriptions became more elaborate with each iteration. Trials and construction spanned the day’s studio time, and often there was a ringing of the chimes, followed by an earnest, confident invitation to “come see our latest marble roll.” The audience was always mesmerized and appreciative. Some sat in awe and then quickly leaped forward to join in when the show was over. Some bit their fingernails in anticipation! Some floated away after adding a comment, question, or suggestion for chewing. The last two phases, inspired by a video, incorporating diverse mechanisms and sound, and a newly-launched bridge building study became marvelous inventions of height, layers, and sequenced reactions. Please enjoy this photo album, and be assured that there will be more!