by Bella

A taste of salt hung in the mist
And held the shore in a grey fist.
A bold gull swoops, born aerialist,
Heavy sun and a rough sea kissed
Serenaded by waves.
Swift selkies raced ashore that night,
Their foreign dances were a sight
And light songs spun with firelight,
Frolicking with the waves.

Seal skins slipped on, ready to flee,
Before softly gliding to sea.
One lady stood at the oak tree,
A stricken face with silent plea…
Her coat was lost in the waves.
He found her there at the ocean,
Their eyes held strong emotion
And they took hands in a notion.
So she left the waves.

So, every night the lady cried
At dreams of meeting the soft tide,
But in the warm sun her smile lied.
She vowed to stay and be his brideā€¦
A new life they’d soon pave.
With gentle hands she mended nets
And as he left for sea she’d fret.
More loving couples were not met.
They lived above the wave.

As seasons changed like a slow wheel
She watched over her ocean’s teal,
Her sweet laughs were no longer real
For she longed to swim as a seal…
Living among the waves.
Her husband felt her change of heart
And knew they were destined to part,
Her humanism was just art
For she dreamed of the waves.

He walked to her and took her hand,
Leading her to the cool sea sand,
Her being sad he couldn’t stand,
She could never belong on land…
While longing for the waves.
He had discovered her seal skin,
“What a perfect year it’s been.”
She left him with his head a-spin
For she loved the dark waves.

The seal spun through currents, quick, sleek,
One man she would forever seek.
She passed time and many a week
For she had to find him and speak
Of thanks for what he gave.
Though they were not of the same kind
Their love was always close in mind,
For certain things you cannot bind…
And she belonged to waves.