What a wonderful day! From planning and parading with the children to greeting our families and friends at the new space, our day unwound with magic! We walked, hopped, and chirped, toting some of our favorite pieces that represent our year-long studies, several blocks along the street that leads to our new “home,” the historic brick building on NW 20th, Rose’s Bakery (more recently a culinary institute). We thank Jerry and Donna, Rose’s owners, for their belief in our work. We thank Debbie and Brad for ushering in the lease. We appreciate the time and enthusiasm of our families, now, in transition, and as we open our doors in the fall. The wishing stars on the entry wall were quickly claimed. Our children are filled with ideas about the use of the space. Their dancing and gleeful voices, when we first entered the building to take a pre-peek and prepare for our festivities, filled the space with good spirits. Their blessing, created during morning meeting and delivered during the gathering, captured our expectations: May we always have adventures in our hearts, good friends to learn with, the magic of imagination, courage to express ourselves, vision to make this a better world, and energy to serve others.