Travel is vital, a choice that connects, propels, sustains, and enriches our inquiry with experience and through interactions with each other. Our children travel, from the youngest ages, to engage the city, and later, the region and world.

The following stories take us on several of those treks as we pursue learning outside our school walls, beyond technological simulation.

Ken’s Artisan Bakery: Out and About the Neighborhood

Aquila Glass School

The Coffee Shop Sketch

Northwest Children’s Theater


Oregon Symphony

Oregon Zoo

And further…

Compelling environments meet travelers at the edge of their toes and draw them through a portal of mystery and intrigue into a new space of exploration and enlightenment. Learners are tempted through curiosity. Whatever tools are owned, or loaned, are used to make the journey. The questions engaged along the way, by one alone or shared by companions, fuel the adventure. The path is mapped and tales are told as learners gather and pause to share at the evening fire’s edge. Stories of discovery and wonderment, challenge, or uncertainty, cause excitement and musings for scouting in the next phase of the movement.

Ashland: Oregon Shakespeare Festival

Opal Creek

Berea, Kentucky: The Mountain Festival Dance Camp and Performance

Ireland: Beyond Borders