by Megan

She ran past flowers lively gold
Into the garden’s leafy fold
Through a silv’ry stream damp and cold
Follow’ing a rabbit, time untold
Thus she found Wonderland.
Down she fell in tumbling sound
Hitting ground with a silent pound
And by two twins she was soon found,
“YOU must leave Wonderland!”

She found roses painted in red
Through the palace she was then led
Into a room where she was fed
Where the queen yelled, “Off with her head!
“You MUST leave Wonderland!”
Deep in the wood, under a tree,
There was a man who offered tea,
Told her it would be best to flee,
“You must LEAVE Wonderland.”

She found a striped cat smiling bright.
He told her it would soon be night.
Soon, he said, she would have to fight
For she’s the one who has the Light.
“YOU must help Wonderland.”
Followed cat, unsure what she’d find,
Told herself it’s all in her mind.
A true queen she would seek, one kind…
“You MUST help wonderland.”

Giving Alice a small, white flow’r.
The queen said she’d have special pow’r
Said she was to take the tower,
Said there was no time to cower.
“You must SAVE wonderland.”
Alice, overtaken by fear
What if the Red Queen could not hear?
Silently she shed a soft tear,
“I fight for Wonderland.”

She held her head high like a king.
Spread her arms like a pair of wings
The Old Light she would try to bring
Tradition and Truth, a fin’l swing,
Fighting for Wonderland.
The crown flew off Red Queen’s head.
It landed on White Queen instead.
Love, Hope, and Light, instead of dread.
But gone was Wonderland.

Opened her eyes to soft, white clouds
Jolted up with a sob quite loud
‘woke to her sister, hazy shroud,
She fought and won and should be proud.
She dreamed of Wonderland.
Alice looked at a soft sunbeam.
Too bad it was all just a dream.
Sometimes things just aren’t what they seem.
Farewell, Wonderland.