year-two-23One little dandelion wish floated down from the ceiling as children and parents eagerly chatted during the first morning hour of our second year. Susan took the whimsically mysterious puff outside after several of us made our private wishes. She released it toward the street, with the wind taking it away from the building. Suddenly the breeze shifted direction and slowly the puff returned, landing on Susan’s open, still hand. We know it was a bit of magic, and each of us who saw it drew in our breath before falling into a heap of exclamations and explanations about its possible meaning. And, of course, the stories continued to grow as we wondered about the moment, about the lightness of a wish, and about the little “wish” that we set on a flower petal in our school. The day began sweetly and our time passed, as usual, quickly. Our first generation children (last year’s class) was not surprised; our new children were amazed at the time, sounding much like echoes of last year’s swift-pace realizations! “Time does fly! It is true!” We managed to share summer stories, start new buckets for new children, adopt and begin a pepper plant study, begin focused observational drawing, write letters to the creatures encouraging them to join us, and make time for studio arts and exploration. Dress-up, Legos, tin whistles, watercolors, and reading filled in the gaps. An amazing first three day in an amazing new setting!