A Place For Expression
And Exploring Understanding.

The studio is a place for making thinking and learning visible through creative expression with varied media. When representing personal experiences, using new materials challenges artists to think differently, often liberating preconceptions from the familiarity of known materials to explore and experiment with new points of view, varied explanations, or a novel representation. When representing emerging concepts, known materials allow thoughts to be physically shaped and shared. Combining new materials with new ideas creates opportunities to deepen, revise, mature, extend, or shift conceptual stability into new applications.

In L’Atelier, the studio, children explore the properties and possibilities of paints, clay, fabrics, wood, glass, plastics, metals, and natural found materials. Texture, line, color, balance, dimension, contrast, and value come alive as children work with basic design and accessible materials and tools. Young artists describe their processes, choices and the results, and the meaning behind their work. Writing and photo documentation with samples and illustrations allow personal learning to become public.