Clothing:  We have adopted an “appropriate dress” expectation.  Scholars are to dress for the activities in which they engage.  Our children work and play on the floor, at desks, in chairs, and on couches… as well as on outdoor play equipment and in the ballroom.  We expect that clothing does not become distracting for the learner and the community.  We use the words “safe,” “modest,” and “appropriate;” and most Ren children are able to determine if clothing fits those categories.  Children at Ren do not wear clothing that sports illegal or violent images.  On a clothing continuum, there is beachwear on one end and formalwear on the other.  School is a place of children’s work and the attire is somewhere between those extremes.  Layered clothing helps create options for children throughout the day for comfort in activities and temperature changes.  Please make sure clothing fits well to prevent sagging and dragging.  Consider the season and ensure your child has appropriate outerwear to stay warm and dry during our daily thirty-minute recess.

Dress-up attire is expected for public outings to the theater, concerts, and dance performances, along with Authors’ Tea and the Grand Ball days, announced in advance.  It gives us something special to consider, a bit of a “boost” among ordinary clothing days!

Foot coverings:  Children and adults wear comfy socks or slippers in the building.  This cuts down on contaminants and dirt inside. For safety, slippers must have closed toes and closed or strapped heels.  Please send socks or slippers with gripping soles.  Foot coverings are required for everyone in the building.  No bare feet, no exceptions, please!

Snack and Lunches:  Please send snacks and lunch items that refuel our bright brains for learning.  Please refrain from sending fat-laden items.  Sugary treats cause spikes in blood sugar and uneven energy, interfering with learning and behavior, leaving us lethargic after a energy surge!  We want to be top-performance models!!!  A daily hot lunch offering is provided through a local cafe.  Please check at the front desk for contact information.  We only have one microwave for use by the children.

(Water is the liquid of choice!  Milk and juice make a mess when spilled, especially in a child’s fabric cubby or on a precious piece of work!)

Glass containers can break easily on our concrete floors.  Utensils should come from home and be returned for cleaning.  Please make sure all leftover food and serving items return home each day.

Personal items and electronics:  Please do not send personal items (stuffies, make-up, jewelry, games, electronics, knick-knacks, purses and wallets, etc.) to school.  Looking for lost items, or worrying about breakage and ownership, is a distraction to our purpose here.  (Cell phones:Cell phones are left at the front desk.  Please only send a cell phone with your child if it is absolutely necessary for after-school communication.)

Supplies:  Please do not send supplies to school.  We are well-stocked and you pay a general supply fee.  If you and your child want to do some back-to-school supply shopping, because it is fun and tempting, please create a special study space at home and keep the scholarly juices flowing!

Cubbies… each child has one!  It serves as a “locker.”  Those little black cubicles are meant for lunches, snacks, and water bottles.   All coats, hats, and, slipper/socks/shoes are put in personal cubbies.  If a child needs a change of clothes, we will keep those in the cubby as well.

Backpacks:  No backpacks are necessary unless a child is traveling between homes or has after-school activities that require special attire or equipment.  Backpacks must be able to fit in the cubby along with other contents.  Please do not send more with your child than fits in that space.  (We have other places for children to house their school work and projects.)  Please help your child clean out the cloakroom cubby from time to time to keep the room smelling fresh!  Damaged cubbies will require replacement with an assessed fee of $25.00.