Instructional Groups:  As is our custom, we divide the children based on ages into classes of approximately ten, for the first three weeks of school.  The time flies as the children make age-mate friends and are involved in a layered project designed to use multiple skills, references, and materials.  The adults are able to assess children during that time on literacy and numeracy skills, while also observing the manner in which children ask questions, find solutions, work collaboratively, try new ideas and apply new strategies, use their time, maintain focus, handle tools and materials, demonstrate independence, realize their ideas with a level of craftsmanship, and reflect on their work.  All of these things are essential elements of Ren work and this period of adjustment gives us all time to settle in and recover our school skills from the summer before placement into literacy and numeracy classes.   We also practice expected manners, rehearse school routines (including safety drills), and introduce/apply thinking, writing, and organizational systems.  Preparation.  This is a very important and exciting time, and we will look forward to embarking on the journey with your children!

(Tus maith leath na hoibre!  A good start is half the work!)